Iphupho Centre of Excellence cc (ICE) is a management owned and run entity doing business in three major areas, namely, Skills and Business Development, ETQA Consultancy Services, and Project Management. The entity is committed to offering professional services in all its wide range of products to respective clients, as well as in furthering the principles of equal opportunity. The main purpose for our existence is to achieve our business objectives by rendering services that will spark to light organizations’ potential into tangible benefits that will progressively indicate achievement of strategy as they work towards realizing their respective visions.

Value Proposition

ICE prides itself in the capacity to deliver quality assured training and business solutions to all corporate and civil/public settings. Our reason for being is about the development of effective leadership that will live client organizations’ dreams with significance in thought and execution of strategy in the most efficient of available means. It is for this reason that we focus with a lot of commitment and passion, on striving to assist business entities to increase productivity and profitability in order for them to remain competitive.

Our clear understanding of the needs at grass-roots level, coupled with academic achievements and business management experience that our team has amassed over time, I.C.E. is able to understand the needs of all the different levels of society and business. This has put us in an enviable position of having ability to tailor-make our programmes to suit all audiences irrespective of their occupational and/or social status. To date, this has made us develop solutions or the means to solutions to a variety of challenges all round.

Clientele Relationship

At I.C.E, we believe in building long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Adding value to the client’s business therefore goes beyond the requirements of a specific assignment. It extends to after service support that will be tailored for individual clients according to needs. As such it is not just commitment to excellence that we bring to the relationship. We also bring to bear the technical expertise and business management skills of qualified and experienced professionals that may extend to other areas than the original business.

Our fundamental concept of service recognizes an obligation to be responsive to clients’ problems and needs and to provide the specialized capabilities, which are required to address clients’ requirements and ultimately solve their problems.

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